Amazing Customer Retaining Features in CellSmart POS Software

Muhammad Saqib

March 30, 2017

Amazing Customer Retaining Features in CellSmart POS Software

Any business owner knows that retaining current customers is a lot easier and less expensive than attracting new customers.  However, you need to make a constant effort to retain customers and stop them from being wooed by the competition.  Here are a few valuable ways CellSmart POS can help you retain your customers:

Scannable Keytag Readiness

Scannable keytags are an instant connection between you and your customer.   With a single scan of the barcode on the keytag,  you can pull up a customer’s unique account, without having to ask their name or number. This way, your customers can be greeted by name, reminded of upgrade eligibility, and even bonus points they may have accrued by shopping at your store.  Keytags give customers a sense of belonging to your store, minimize entry errors and speed up transactions.

Text Notifications

Send text messages to your customers to let them when bill payment is due or upgrade eligibility is near. Your customers will feel more connected to your store and will appreciate the effort to keep them informed.

Sale and Promotion Alerts

Whether you’re having a sale for the holidays or offering the latest promotion from wireless carriers, CellSmart POS gives you the tool to get the word out to some or all of your customers. Stay in touch with your customers with a few simple clicks and keep them connected to your business via direct communication to their handset.

Message on the Receipt

Your customers’ shopping experience doesn’t have to end once they leave the store. Encourage your customers to follow you on Social media where you can advertise your sales or promotions. Get the word out about your social media presence by advertising on the bottom of your receipt.   

Built-In Repair Module

As the smart devices have become increasingly expensive, cell phone repairs has become a highly-demanded service.  Retain more of your customers by providing a “one-stop-shopping” experience with an in-house repair service.  Whether you have your own repair technician or you outsource your repairs,  CellSmart POS can make the repair process much smoother with integrated repair module. Keep track of customer contact information, device information such as IMEI and issues that need to be addressed, deposits received, parts used and status of the repair.  

Keeping your customers coming back is all about providing the best possible service and value-added features. Let CellSmart POS retain your valuable customers easily and efficiently.

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