Why CellSmart POS Should Be Your Trusted POS Partner for Your Cell Phone Shop

Ariel G

March 23, 2017

Why CellSmart POS Should Be Your Trusted POS Partner for Your Cell Phone Shop

When you truly want your cellphone business to thrive, you can’t trust just any point-of-sale system to get the job done. The creators of CellSmart POS put years of imagination and effort into their full-service POS system to bring you all the tools and features you need to grow your cell phone business from the ground up.

Created by Cellphone Store Owners

The four creators of the CellSmart POS system didn’t just wake up one day and decide to make a full-service solution for people who own cell phone stores. The group first dived into cell phone business with several wireless stores in New York City over a decade ago. After some trial and error, they discovered that the traditional POS options available in the market at the time weren’t optimal. With their backgrounds and expertise in software development and retail sales, they created CellSmart POS, which is the leading cell phone store POS system in the industry today.

Packed with Features You Can Use

Most POS systems come with features that are designed to make things simpler across various industries, but CellSmart POS is designed solely with managing and growing wireless business in mind. It comes with features you’ll use each day, including features for managing customer relationships, keeping track of inventory, clock-in/clock-out reports for payroll, running reports on your revenue, and even motivating your employees to meet their sales quotas for the day. In fact, CellSmart POS comes with everything you will need to help your cell phone business grow and thrive whether you have one location or ten.

Quality You can afford

CellSmart combines state of the art software, with live support and user-friendly hardware to give you a full-service solution you can afford. Besides a team of programmers to continue to innovate new features, they work with some of the top manufacturers of drawers, printers and scanners to ensure you get high-quality products that can be trusted to run even under the busiest conditions. And whether you purchase a hardware combo or just buy the pieces you need, you are sure to receive highly competitive prices.  CellSmart POS also offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry for its software and support through monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans.  .

Data at Your Fingertips

These days, successful in any business is all about the numbers. How much did you sell this week? How much expenditures did you have? How many new devices do you need to order? This type of crucial information can make or break your business, and that’s why CellSmart POS gives you the ability to run reports in real time, at anytime and from just about anywhere.

CellSmart isn’t just another POS option; it’s the right option for cellphone store owners who want hardware and software that has been tailored to their business needs, all at an affordable rate.

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