New POS Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Muhammad Saqib

February 22, 2017

New POS Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace and with new technologies come new trends in point of sale systems. Today, a point of sale system does much more than simply allow a merchant to process transactions – it’s a central hub for everything from payroll to inventory to customer relationship management. Here are some of the trends you’re likely to see in 2017.

Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based systems are slowly taking over on-site point-of-sale software due to the convenience and peace-of-mind they offer. Cloud-based systems make it possible for business owners to access vital information from just about anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re on vacation, taking care of personal business or otherwise away from the stores, you can still access your sales activity, check your inventory, or even see what time your employees clocked in and out.

Adoption of Mobile Payments

As NFC (near-field communication) technology continues to improve and provide convenience, more and more consumers will adopt mobile payment methods like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.  NFC payment technology requires cloud-based systems and that’s why 2017 will see an increase in NFC-enabled cloud-based POS systems in retail businesses of all sizes.

Subscription-Based Service Growth

Part of getting the most out of a POS system involves keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies. Because of this, 2017 will see an increase in the number of small businesses switching to subscription-based POS services rather than one-time purchases. The benefits are many: business owners can get instant access to updates, and the customer service and support provided by these subscriptions is phenomenal. The best part is that most are completely non-contractual, which takes some of the stress out of choosing a service provider.

Integration with Consumer Rewards Programs

Although it’s always great to offer promotions and discounts to bring new customers in the door, it’s also important to reward your existing customers for their loyalty and provide them with marketing information that is relevant to them. In 2017, point of sale systems will focus heavily on integration with consumer rewards and marketing programs.
With technology improving each year by leaps and bounds, it comes as no surprise that POS trends for 2017 lean toward things that allow business owners to provide better, faster, and more personalized customer service.    The trend will also bring business owners peace of mind and convenience of cloud-based system on a subscription base paired with NFC payments and customer rewards programs.

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