Marketing with CellSmart POS to Keep Customers Coming Back

Muhammad Saqib

February 21, 2017

Marketing with CellSmart POS to Keep Customers Coming Back

CellSmart POS features allow you to easily integrate your marketing efforts in a few helpful ways so you can make more money while providing amazing customer experience.

Integrated CRM module

CellSmart POS’s customer relationship management module, also called CRM, is one of the best pieces of technology your wireless business will ever have. It allows you to store important information about your customers that you can retrieve with just the phone number or name. You can store information such as device preferences, past purchase history, birthdates, and even device upgrade schedules so you can remind your customers when it’s time for a new device. This allows you to market the right products to the right people at the right times – which can tremendously improve your sales.

Text Marketing

Text marketing is one of the hottest ways to reach out to your existing cell phone customers and let them know you appreciate their business. CellSmart POS enables you to send targeted texts to groups of customers you select at the push of a button. For instance, if you wanted to send a text with a discount coupon to everyone who has a birthday today, you can do that with a few simple selections. What’s more, you can send a holiday sale text to everyone in your contact list or a promotion to customers with  a specific carrier, in much the same way. The ability to do all of this from one integrated system makes things simple and effective.

Up-selling aka Suggested Selling

CellSmart POS’ unique and intuitive suggested selling and customer facing screens promote up-selling by showcasing related items to both the customers and salespeople when a device is scanned for sale.  This may be a travel charger or a protective case, which can improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

Receipt Marketing

Placing a marketing or promotion message is a great way to stay current in the customers’ minds and pockets.  If you offer an online shopping option, it’s a great place to drive traffic there and perhaps include a discount for using it. You might even choose to market a set of videos or tutorials you’ve created on your website for device setup. The possibilities are endless, but they all help you provide the best possible customer experience and hence revenue potential.

When it comes to improving retail sales and keeping your customers happy, marketing plays a vital role. Your state-of-the-art CellSmart POS system offers you plenty of opportunities to get the word out to new and existing customers alike, which can keep your business running and growing strong.

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