How Mobile Phone Stores are Using CellSmart POS’ Point of Sale Software to Boost Growth

Muhammad Saqib

February 15, 2017

How Mobile Phone Stores are Using CellSmart POS’ Point of Sale Software to Boost Growth

Your goal is growing your business, and the absolute best way to boost growth is to build a solid customer base and provide them excellent shopping experience. Fortunately, that’s exactly what a high-tech point-of-sale system can do for you.

Here are some of the ways in which mobile phone store owners are using CellSmart POS to boost  growth.

Managing Their Inventory More Effectively

The cell phone industry is always changing. Just as soon as you’ve become familiar with a device, the manufacturer launches its better, more advanced successor. Keeping up with those changes can be difficult, and in many cases, it’s hard to predict demand. CellSmart POS can help you manage your inventory effectively by showing you your best- and worst-selling products. Per IHL, a global research firm focused on retail and hospitality, businesses lose $1.1 trillion per year due to poor inventory management.  Better inventory management through CellSmart POS can help you avoid dead inventory on overstock and customer dissatisfaction due to under-stocking an item.

Analyzing Their Customers’ Buying Habits

CellSmart POS’ integrated Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) feature makes it much easier to pick up on patterns among your customers and identify buying habits. Imagine being able pull up valuable customer data such as birthday, family member names, preferences, and purchase history all with a simple entry of phone number or name. This allows you and your sales team to provide better customer experience creating RAVING FANS, which is vital for your brand reputation and the future of your business.

Empowering Their Sales Force

In order for your sales team to be the absolute best they can be, they need all of the information they can get. It’s vital that your employees have access to all the known information about each and every product you sell so they can help your customers feel more satisfied with their purchases. Mobile store owners using CellSmart POS have a wide range of tools from customer facing displays to suggested selling to bill payment reminders and promotion alerts to empower their employees with the best tools of the trade to do their absolute best in serving their customers and generating sales.  

Today’s cell phone store owners are doing everything they can to be the absolute best, and technology plays an important role. CellSmart POS is much more than just a way to process and manage transactions; it’s a powerful tool helping wireless businesses of all sizes maximize their growth and revenue potential.
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