Why use CellSmart POS?

Ariel G

April 26, 2015

Why use CellSmart POS?

So you’re considering using a point-of-sale system to run your business.  Perhaps, you’ve been doing it the “old-fashioned way” of pen and paper and are now looking for a change and do it better.  Perhaps, you’ve been using a generic point-of-sale and want a tool that is truly designed for your day-to-day work.  And perhaps, you are using outdated cell-phone point-of-sale software and need something that can fit your ever-changing business.

Whatever may be your driving forces for looking for a point-of-sale system, let us show you why CellSmart POS is a solid and efficient POS with relevant features for today’s changing wireless industry that can help you better manage and improve your cell phone business.

1. We use our own software:  CellSmart POS grew organically from our own needs as wireless dealers.  And to this day, we still own and operate our wireless stores where we use CellSmart POS to manage our business. That means, there’s no other point-of-sale solution in the market more custom-fit and more in-tune to your needs than CellSmart POS.  We understand wireless business and our software reflects that understanding.

2.      Unique and relevant features: CellSmart POS offers features that are quite unique and very relevant to today’s wireless operations.  Here    are a few:

a.    Text-alerts: You can be a multi-store owner, an absent owner or just want to take a day off, but will always know what’s going on                         at the store with our store-open and other alerts throughout the day.

b.  Promotion Alerts: You’ve got a great sale going on, a free-phone offer; perhaps a free first-month or want to let your customers                           know that you now offer repairs service.  Without built-in Promotion Alerts, you can send a text-blast to all or some of your                                         customers and let them know you’ve got a deal for them.  Forget about printing flyers and hiring a flyer guy.  Our Promotion Alerts                           target your bill-payment customers who are located right in your neighborhood.  Talk about direct advertisement!

c.  Repairs and Layaway Modules:  Are you benefiting from the billion dollar industry of cell phone repairs?  Is your current system                         helping you manage your repairs?  Create a repair ticket for your customers with all necessary info such as IMEI, price, password                               (even record Android lock-pattern), etc. Keep track of how many repairs are done, pending or can’t be fixed, as well as how long a                               phone has been waiting for customer to pick up. Keep an eye on your expensive repair parts inventory to prevent inside-theft.  Offer                         layaway option to your customers and Give them the ability to put down a deposit on the latest phone and pay little-by-little. When                           done paying fully, they can take the item. This gives you an ability to serve many more customers who may not have all funds to buy                         the item at once.

d. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Keytags:    Keep track of every customer and how much they have spent in your                           store, as well as any store-credits they may have. Offer your customers Bonus Points for doing business with you and keep track of                             the points earned and redeemed. Customer Follow-Up tool gives you the ability to keep track of which customers to follow-up after                         the sale.  Offer your customers keytags associated with their phone number creating loyal and repeat customers, which means more                         top-up revenue and additional sale. Also, minimize bill-payment errors by not having to ask customers their phone number each                                 time.

e. Employee Motivation:  Motivate your employees to sell more with useful feature such as Employee Performance, Daily Targets                              and Employee Commissions.

3. We offer all these and many more features for you to manage and improve your wireless business for a low monthly fee, no sign up costs and no contracts.

CellSmart POS is made by cell phone dealers who are still using it to manage and improve our business so that we can offer you a solid and efficient point-of-sale tool to help you do the same.  Don’t just sell, CellSmart!

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