5 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic for Your Wireless Store

Ariel G

March 10, 2015

5 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic for Your Wireless Store

5 Tips to Increase Foot Traffic for Your Wireless Store

As you’ve learned in business, your chances of doing good sale increase with the number of potential customers visiting your business.   The more customers visit your store throughout the day, the better chances of selling more and increasing your profit.

You’ve read our prior blogs on how to provide excellent customer service and stocking a variety of items that your potential customers are looking for in order to fulfill their needs and make them life-long repeat customers.

Besides those important measures, there are some more steps you can take to increase the foot traffic into your business and raise your sale.  These add-ons will help you bring more people to your business while providing additional revenue streams.

1.  Bill Payment Center – Attract the crowds by giving them the ability to pay all of their wireless and utility bills at your location.  People in most urban neighborhoods need to pay their bills in person as they may not have access to or feel comfortable paying bills online.  While they are there to pay their bills, talk to them about your wireless handsets and accessories.  In addition, you will earn part of the bill payment fee charged to the customer. Talk to your top-up provider to see how you can be set up to take all wireless and utility bill payments.

2.ATM – ATM’s are an excellent magnet for attracting people into your business.  While they are there to withdraw cash, you can engage them in conversation and learn more about their wireless needs, tell them about offers you may have and let them know they can pay their wireless and utility bills at your location.  Besides brining in foot-traffic, the ATM will also bring you revenue from the fee charged to the user.  It’s best to keep the fee low to attract as many walk-ins as possible. Talk to your bank or other ATM providers to get an ATM in your location.

3. Internet Café – If you’ve got some extra square footage needed to put a computer workstation, you can provide internet cafe services to your customers.  Many people in urban settings don’t have access to a computer, printer and internet creating a solid need for internet cafes.   With small investment on a pc, desk and chair, you can start with one station and expand as the demand grows.  The internet café will create a new revenue stream as well give you an opportunity to sell your wireless services to the users.

4. Copy Machine – Everyone needs to make copies and are always in search of a neighborhood copy machine. If you can give them what they want, at a great low per-copy rate, you’ll have all sorts of people flocking to your door to make copies for school, work and everything in between.  You’ll have a captive audience for your sales pitch while the copy machine does its thing.  And those nickels and dimes will add to your bottom line, as well.

5. Notary Service – Let’s face it, notaries hold a special place in society and almost everyone has a need for their service at one time or another. For a nominal fee and a small course, you can acquire a notary license and provide a sought-after service to your customers.  Not only will you make money from the notary service fee, but will also have people seeking your service all day long, giving you a great opportunity to fulfill their wireless needs, as well.

Follow these simple tips to increase the foot-traffic for your business.  And if you have some great ideas to improve business, be sure to share them in the comments below.

Happy selling!

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