5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Sale This Holiday Season

Ariel G

December 16, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Sale This Holiday Season

Holidays are a time when shoppers are looking to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones.   And what better gift than cool electronics and shiny gadgets that are loved by young and old, alike. 

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of $730 per person for holiday gifting in year 2013, totaling to a whopping $602 billion!   And the spending is expected to increase this year by another 4.1%.    Get in on the action and make the most out this holiday season.

Boost your holiday sales this year with these 5 simple tips and you’ll be singing the jingle all the way to the bank.

1. Make sure your store is warm, welcoming and has that festive holiday spirit.  Put on some light holiday music and fragrance, a Santa hat on your sales reps and some peppermint candies on the counter.  Holiday decorations also go a long way to get your shoppers in the buying mood.   Put a staff member in a Santa suit and hold a Santa event for the kids. While the little ones tell the big jolly fellow from north pole all of their holiday wishes, you can (secretly) show the parents how they can make those wishes come true.

2.  Let’s face it!  The one thing more stressful than navigating through holiday crowds is having to wrap the gifts.  Offer gift-wrapping service at no-cost to really stand out from the crowd.   Your customers are going to love the added convenience of the gift-wrapping service and will be talking all about it at the holiday party.  Think about all the word of mouth referrals! And while you are wrapping their gifts, you can talk to them about other products and services you may be able to up-sell for everyone on their holiday gift list.

3.  Extend your business hours to give your customers a chance to shop late.  Many holiday shoppers tend to do their shopping after work hours or on the weekend.   Offer your customers the convenience to shop in their time by staying open late and even on Sundays during the holiday period.

4.  With so many gifts to buy with limited holiday budgets, your customers really have a tough balancing act.   And the ever so expensive high-tech gadgets don’t help stay within that budget.  Offer your customers device financing options.

a.   You can offer layaway option and have your customers leave little bit of money at a time.  When they finish paying in full, they can take the item.

b.    You may also offer them a financing option.  If qualified, you can sell them the items with little money down and the rest they would pay over time directly to the financing company.  There are a few financing providers available for you to choose from (ePay, Progressive Finance, etc).  Financing companies pay the remainder of the customer’s balance to you within a few days of the transaction without any risk of charge-backs to you.  And often the customer has a same-as-cash option if they pay the full balance within a certain time period.  This option allows you to sell to people who don’t have all the funds right now and it allows them to buy items and pay later.  It’s a win-win for you and your customers and a great option with those tight holiday budgets.

5.   Two things are true anywhere you go.  People know people and people love free stuff!   Cash in on all the holiday shopping by offering refer-a-friend bonus to your customers. Let them know that if they bring a friend who buys a device from  you, you will give them $10 cash or a phone accessory, for example.   Imagine the potential from all the referral sales!

Lastly, relax and smile and be cheerful with your customers.  No one wants to shop from a grumpy Grinch   After all, it’s the holidays.  Cheers!

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