Growing your customer base

Ariel G

July 16, 2014

Growing your customer base

Wireless business is all about customers.  The more customers you have, the better chances of making money.

Question is how do you grow your customer base.   And the answer is pretty simple:  By making your customers happy!

A happy customer will (on average) tell 9 others, which helps you grow your customer base.

There are many ways to keeping your customers happy.

First, have a customer reach-out program in place geared towards inviting customers to your store.  Text blast, postcards and phone call follow ups are great ways to keep in touch with your customers.

Customers love rewards.  Reward your customers for buying frequently from you.  For example: Pay six bills with us and get a FREE case.  Or kick off a competition:  Every payment you make with us earns you an entry in our raffle where one lucky winner will get a FREE _____!

In your slow/opportunity time, do follow up calls on those who purchased phone/service to see how things are going and if they need help.  Remind them to come pay their bill at your store.     Start a smart-phone class for your less-tech-savvy customers.

Everyone has a friend who is looking for a phone.  Now reward them for bringing their friend in to buy it from you!  It could be a free case or a $20 store credit, for example.

There’s no day more special to anyone than their birthday.   Surprise your customers by collecting their birth-dates and mailing them a Birthday Coupon!  Your customers will love the thought behind it and will tell all their friends at the birthday party!

With these simple to implement and low-cost ideas you can really get customer satisfaction up and your customer base growing!

Happy Selling!

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