Improving your business: Focus on what matters!

Ariel G

June 11, 2014

Improving your business: Focus on what matters!

In wireless, that can mean a dealer who may be selling too many product lines and not being an expert in any.

These days, new wireless carriers and MVNOs are popping up as fast as cellphone towers.  This presents a challenge for the dealer who may not be sure if they should offer all different carriers to their customer base or focus on a few.

When you have many carriers in your store, it leaves your staff less equipped with knowledge about all the different carriers, their plans, offers and promotions, minute and data caps, phone specs, etc.   And this vast offering can also leave the customer dazed and confused as they browse your showcases and talk to your not so expert staff.

As you know, you have limited shelf /showcase space, limited funds to buy inventory with and limited attention from your customers.   Make the most of these limited resources and focus on what matters.   Study the various carriers and learn which are the best for you as well as your customers.

For you: Which carriers pay the best commissions and spiffs and in a timely manner?  Which carriers have the best top-up margins?   How well do they protect dealer territory or will they approve someone so close?

For your customers:  Which carrier has the best price plan with most generous minute and data plans?  Do they offer international text and minute choices if your customer base calls international?   Does the carrier have good handset choices at different price plans?

Once you have selected two or three carriers that are good for you as well as your customers, get started and focus on them.  Become an expert.  All of your staff should know as much as possible about these few carriers. Their various price plans, minute and data limits, phone specifications, etc.  Make sure to have your staff complete all training and webinars provided by those carriers.

Finally, ask the customer some basic questions (Who are they buying the phone for? Will they be using mostly calls or data and text? etc) to right fit the customer with the correct phone and plan.

Happy selling!

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