Improving your business: Focus on the accessories

Muhammad Saqib

June 04, 2014

Improving your business: Focus on the accessories

As wireless retail has become more and more challenging, wireless accessory sales are still quite strong and offer a great way to make money. With solid focus on your accessory sale, you can make sure that you store is doing well when in comes to accessories.

Here are a few tips we use in our own stores which may help you boost your accessory business.

1. Set a daily minimum for your staff to achieve.  For example: Each employee must sell a minimum of 5 accessories per day.  We call this High-Five because the rep selling minimum 5 gets a high-five from the boss!  Give your guys/gals high-fives for meeting their minimum. Set a daily minimum for your store as well.  Ex: Minimum of 10 accessories in a day.   It’s easy to see who has sold how many accessories in CellSmart POS.  Simply click on the Daily Target (Red/Yellow/Green light).

2. Give your employees some incentives to sell more:  For example:  50 cents for every accessory they sell.  Or 5% of every accessory sale, etc.  Tie this with step 1 above so that they would earn their commission for any specific day ONLY IF they meet their minimum goal.

3. Create a simple chart on a construction paper and hang it up in the break room.   Names of reps on top and 30 days of the month on the right side.  Then have your reps fill their accessory sale qty in the chart each day.   Rep with the most accessory sale or the most high-fives each month gets to go and have lunch with the boss.  Use this lunch time to talk about the rep’s career goals and aspirations and share your path and how you got to where you are!

4. Buy your accessories from different vendors and not just one vendor.  You will have better variety and will stay informed about different prices in the market.

5. Create accessory bundles/basket to offer your customers value if they buy more.   For example:  Headphones, faceplate and car/home charger for $39.99 (at a discount price than if they were to buy those three items separately).  Have your staff talk about the bundle with every customer, especially all the bill pay customers!

6.  Train your staff to be accessory-happy.   If a customer is interested in an accessory, take it off the wall and give it to them in their hands to look.   Take it out of the packaging and put it on the customer’s phone.   Your chances of sale improve dramatically once you have put the accessory on their phone.

Lastly, keep talking about it.  Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Talk to your reps about accessory sale every day.  Have small pep-talk! Have a weekly meeting with all your staff to go over do’s / don’ts and discuss how accessory sale is doing.

With these quick tips, you can definitely bring back the excitement in accessory sale.

Be sure to share your successful selling practices by commenting below.

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