Improving your business: Focus on the customer

Muhammad Saqib

May 28, 2014

Improving your business: Focus on the customer

As you know, wireless retail has changed dramatically over the years with increasing competition and thinning margins.

But, there’s still money to be made.  With constant focus on customer service, wireless dealers can deliver a great experience to their customers and make big bucks for themselves.

Here are a few suggestions from us:

1.  It’s all about the customer.  Customer is king, or at least make them feel like it.  Greet them as soon as they walk in, and before they greet you.   Train everyone on your team to stop anything and everything they are doing to welcome the customer.  If you are busy with another customer, still acknowledge the second customer and let them know you will be them shortly.

2.   Listen carefully to your customers’ needs.   Ask open-ended questions: “Who is this phone for?  Do they need a lot of minutes or data?”  Try and find the right product for their needs and budget and not necessarily what will make you the most money.  You may make a few less bucks  in the short-term, but you will make a long-term customer.

3.  Make sure you are there when you say you will be there.  That means your store should open on time, every time.  And make sure your phone is answered as soon as it rings with a fun and friendly voice.  Your customers should be able to rely on you and know that when they visit or call, you will be there!

4.  When selling a phone, do a test call from the customer’s phone to your store phone to make sure it’s working.  Then, save your store number in the customer’s phone with your store name.  Let your customers know you are their “Wireless Expert” and you are only a call away, whenever they need your help.

With these simple, yet effective, steps, you should be able to deliver a better customer service experience and see your business improve. photo 3photo 1

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