CellSmart POS Keytag to the rescue!

Ariel G

May 14, 2014

CellSmart POS Keytag to the rescue!

A person walking down the street in the Bronx of NY recently found a set of keys and wanted to return to the owner.   They saw a keytag on the keys with a store address.  The Good Samaritan soon dropped off the keys at the store which happens to be a Hyperlink SR dealer: Arhan Communications.  Soon, Tash from the store was on the mission to find the owner of the keys.  With a single scan in CellSmart POS, Tash was able to locate the phone number of the customer, call them and return the keys!

What an amazing side benefit of being a customer of a wireless store that relies on CellSmart POS to help manage and improve their business!

Thank you to Hyperlink (hyperlinkusa.com) for bringing the story to our attention.


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