Back in the days, people used to commute on horses, then come the trains, cars, and airplanes. Moderation is essential for humans to grow and improve their living standards. Similarly, repair technicians used to run their businesses traditionally like having a manual register to keep all their records and repair product details. 

But it’s time for your Repair Store to adapt to technology of the day and increase sales by doing the following:

Repair Store
Manage Business with Repair Software

Manage Business with Repair Software

Gone are the days of keeping everything in a manual register and saving each of your customer’s mobile phone numbers for repair tracking and management in a notebook. With a smart point of sale (POS) software, your business can utilize:

  • Inventory management
  • Repair tickets management and tracking
  • Automated repair status messages to customers
  • Retaining Customer data keeping for marketing purposes
  • Employee management
  • Sales tracking
  • And many more features 

Ecommerce Website

You might be thinking why do you need a website for your repair shop, because you might not be selling repair parts online. But you do sell repair services and they need to be advertised everywhere your potential customers are present searching and roaming on websites like Google and social media. So, by creating a website you can list:

  • Repair service offerings with costs
  • Live Repair tracking for your customers (By providing them a repair ticket which is tracked on the website)

Ecommerce Website
Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Every business needs the maximum outreach to its potential customers for growth. These days social media is a very strong tool to grow any business especially the repair segment. With billions of users on social media, it’s usually easier to attract customers online than foot traffic and eventually increasing your revenue.

We understand that you are a very smart business owner who wants to improve sales and be successful. Let CellSmart POS help you achieve this goal by providing all the above-mentioned services along with many insightful features like sales reports and more. 

Contact us today and let us be on your side on your journey to success.