Save your time with CellSmart POS

Keep Every Minute Accounted
CellSmart POS provides a time clock feature that allows you to keep a record of each employee’s daily working hours

Record Breaks
CellSmart POS time clock feature allows your employees to enter their break hours too, and you get notified once your employees take breaks

Create Pay Slips
With every working hour recorded, you can easily create reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. It helps you pay your employees easily by saving your time

Detailed Reports
CellSmart POS also provides detailed reports of your employee’s daily working hours, completed tasks, ongoing tasks, and uncompleted tasks regularly. With our smart time clock feature, you can also view live reports of your tasks

Making any business successful, requires discipline, motivation, and efficiency. Now keep your employees motivated with a disciplined routine to maximize results for your store.

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How to Adjust Clock-in/out Time

How to Clock In-Out Users

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