Purchase Used Item

With CellSmart POS you can easily add important information regarding the used bought items, which will help you to resell easily.

purchase used items cellsmart pos software

Add customer image
CellSmart POS allows you to add or capture the customer’s image from whom you buy the used items. It helps you to track them if any issue comes up later on.

Add IMEI numbers
For buying cellphones or electronics items with IMEI, you can add each product’s IMEI on the receipt of buying.

Add selling price
The most important element of reselling the used item is to set the profits right at the time of buying. CellSmart POS allows you set the selling price of each item at the time of buying.

Add multiple items in one receipt

If you are buying more than 1 used item from the same customer, and want to add them all in one receipt you can easily do them

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How to Buy a Used Item

How to view used items

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  • Customer Image Capture
  • State ID Image Capture
  • Custom Barcode Label Print