Custom Policy

That’s why, we built the custom policy feature for all kinds of stores like cellphone stores, repair stores, and electronics stores. Now all the store owners can easily add their custom policy inside our POS, and it will be printed for all future receipts and invoices.

cellsmart POS Custom Policy

Add custom policy for products

You can add your detailed policy regarding the product’s sales. It has no word limit. So, be free to be detailed, and accurate.


Custom policy for repair sales

Providing repair is challenging and a lot of times unrewarding from customers. It attracts a lot of customers’ wrath for the repairs you don’t even perform. CellSmart POS helps you overcome this by helping you add all your repair policies in detail, and print them on receipts. So, if a customer comes back with some complaints, you can satisfy them according to your repair store policies.

Add policy for mobile carrier payments

Most cellphone stores accept mobile carrier payments, and every carrier has its custom policies. CellSmart POS helps you to update these carriers’ policies regularly. So, you don’t face any inconvenience from customers.

cellsmart pos repair software

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How to change receipt policy in Cellsmart POS

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