Inventory Adjustment

CellSmart POS allows you to edit your inventory at any time.

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Match physical and POS inventory count
Now always stay on top of your inventory by keeping the correct count of each item at your warehouse/store with the POS.

Have an accurate average cost
As a store owner, you have to purchase the same item from different vendors, which means you have to take out the average cost for all of the same items and sell them on a profit margin. But with the wrong inventory count, you end up selling at the wrong average price which may cost you a lot of dollars.
With CellSmart POS you never lose any money.

Advantages of inventory management


Money savings

The most fundamental benefit of inventory management is that it saves a company money.
Inventory is frequently a company’s most valuable asset. Inventory is also costly to buy, placing a company in the red until those things are sold for a profit.
If a corporation doesn’t sell all of its inventory, it “eats” the cost of what’s left, plus storage and handling fees.
Purchasing too much inventory can result in significant losses.

Overstocking can even put a small business out of business. Inventory management enables a business to minimize this risk by ordering only what is needed to meet consumer demand – no more, no less.

Customers Satisfaction

A positive customer experience is a crucial outcome of good inventory management.
Customers shop in the expectation that the store would have the things advertised in stock. Many clients would rather switch suppliers than wait for new supply to arrive if they were told they would have to backorder things.
Failure to meet consumer requests results in lost business and a bad reputation for your store.
Running out of stock regularly might result in permanent customer losses and, eventually, an unproductive business. Inventory management keeps track of client demand and uses that data to make wise, efficient ordering decisions.


Remain organized in your warehouse

A chaotic warehouse is inefficient and wastes time and money for the company.
A poor inventory management approach can result in costly miscommunications and lost production, causing your organisation to suffer.
An orderly warehouse with properly documented inventory and supply chain movement is aided by proper inventory management.
Keeping your best-selling products together and easily accessible, for example, can help you fulfil orders faster and keep your high-paying customers pleased.

Save your time

Inventory management necessitates meticulous record-keeping, which is frequently accomplished through the use of specialized software and technology.
Inventory management equipment, such as mobile phones with barcode scanners, combined with a data storage and analysis system like CellSmart POS, can improve the efficiency of your overall inventory operation. Integrated inventory management facilitates supply chain management and, as a result, increases production by reducing time-consuming and inefficient manual operations.
Integrated inventory management software automates workflow processes, allowing your workers to focus on more critical aspects of their jobs.
Keeping track of your products in real time also saves you time by eliminating the need to count stock or double-check records.


Increase your cash flow

Effective inventory management helps organizations to spend with the long term in mind.
You won’t have to spend a lot of money buying large volumes of inventory at once if you use effective inventory management. Instead, you spend exactly what you need on the right amount of goods for your operations. You save money on huge capital balances, handling, and storage charges this way.
As a result, smart inventory management increases your cash flow by removing the need to spend huge amounts of money all at once.
Improved cash flow means more business stability and more money to invest on things like payroll or new product development.

Maintain key inventory levels

It’s all about creating a balance between intake and output when it comes to inventory management.
Finding and maintaining this equilibrium is crucial to your company’s health and success. Overstocking can deplete your company’s resources by requiring money to store items that aren’t being sold. Customers may be disappointed and business may be lost as a result of stockouts.
Keeping the correct quantity of stock and inventory on hand necessitates treading a fine line, which can be accomplished with the right inventory management tools.


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