Employee Performance

Managing employees’ performance and keeping them motivated to give their best every day is a task that every successful owner has mastered with the help of smart business tools.

Performance Goals
In CellSmart POS, you can easily assign goals to each employee separately, and our software will keep track of their progress along with deadlines.

Our easy-to-use dashboard displays your employees with a Green Light icon who have performed well on all tasks; a
Yellow Light for those that are still going through tasks, and a Red Light for those who haven’t met their deadlines.

Register Your Mood
On each employee pay slip by the end of the month, you can appreciate your well-performed employees, and motivate the underperformed to amend their mistakes and achieve better results for the next month.

Performance Check

Now You can also achieve this success with the right tools like CellSmart POS, which helps you manage your employees and keep their performance in check.

Be on top of your business with CellSmart POS and make the most of your employees daily working hours

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How to setup employee performance

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