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CellSmart POS makes your Discount Management smoother than butter with a discount/coupon management feature!

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How does it work?

The Discount/coupon Management feature is a built-in feature within CellSmart POS. It is completely customizable and requires minimum supervision..

Create campaign

In CellSmart POS, go to Discount Management feature. Create a campaign by clicking the + button. Select the store(s) for which you want run this discount campaign.

Add details

Name your discount/coupon campaign, add details, and then hit save.

Select discount type

Choose discount type, like if it’s a regular discount or promotion bundle. Then choose the percentage of the discount. Hit next.

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Add start & end date

Here you can choose the start and end date of your campaign.

Customize campaign by category or by items

Now you can easily select the category of items, and if you want to have this campaign for a specific item, you can choose it as well. Our software will show the discounted amount here.

Choose activation type

If you are having this discount campaign for a cellphone, then you can customize it further by choosing the activation type.

Choose application of discount

Here you can select whether you want the discount to be applied automatically or it can be stacked with other discounts or coupons.

Print coupon

The last step is for you to select whether you want this coupon to be printed or not. If yes, then you can easily provide this to your customers or can simply paste it on items or your checkout counter.

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