Reduce risk of losing cash

With the cash pick-up feature, keep track of every single cash payment.

cellsmart pos software

Add unlimited payees
For taking any cash out of your registers, you will need the payee’ (the purpose of taking it out), so that you should have all the details of your cash taken out from daily sales. CellSmart POS allows you to add unlimited payees.

View payee’s cash pickups history
Our software allows you to keep track of all the cash pickups done in the past for the same payees. This means if you have taken out the cash for electricity bill payment, and you have this saved as payee, then you would be able to see all the cash pickups done for this purpose in recent months.

cellsmart pos software cash pick up

Add notes with each cash pickup
This feature allows you to add any notes necessary for the cash taken out. These notes help store owners to understand their cash payments and keep the history of cash pick-ups.

View all cash pickups in one place
Under the list tab, you can click on the cash pickup tab to see all the cash pickups done. It gives you an overview of all your cash pickups.

Print your cash pickup receipts
With all the digital record keeping, you can also keep track of all these cash pickups with physical receipts.

Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

How to Perform a Cash Pickup

How to Edit/Delete a Cash Pickup

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