Cash Count

CellSmart POS provides the best cash count feature that helps you keep track of all your cash at any time of the day.


Accurate Cash Count Detail
Our software provides you the detail for the cash account with short, over, and good to go.

What do the terms “short,” “over,” and “good to go” mean?

Short: When you’re short on cash, the quantity in your register is less than the amount calculated by the software.
Over: When you reach the end, the quantity of cash in your register exceeds the amount calculated by the software.
Ready to go: When you read this notice, it signifies the quantity of cash in your register corresponds to the amount computed in the software for that shift.



The revenue you earned from the sales you made throughout the shift, or day, is referred to as revenue. Details on sales, such as discounts, tax collected, total sales in batch, and so on, maybe found under revenue.

Money Spent

Under Cash Spent, you’ll find information on retail charges, cash pickups, and refunds.

Breakdown of Payment

The payment breakdown includes a breakdown of the cash amount in your register. It will tell you,

  • How much money do you start with?
  • How much money do you make?
  • How much money you should have in your register based on the software’s calculations?

Paid Taxes

Details about the sales tax and the total tax collected are presented under the tax collected tab.


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How to perform a cash count in Cellsmart POS

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