Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional charge for having multiple registers within the same location?

No, we don't charge per individual register. You pay a single fee for each location, and you can have as many stations as you need without any additional charges.

Is it possible to transfer my existing POS data into CellSmart POS?

Yes, we can seamlessly import your current customer and product data from Excel sheets into CellSmart POS.

Do you provide integration with credit card processing?

Yes, CellSmart POS offers competitive rates for credit card processing and ensures seamless integration with your POS transactions, creating a smooth and efficient payment process.

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What are the requirements to get started with CellSmart POS?


Does CellSmart POS work on Mac computers?

Currently, CellSmart POS is compatible only with Windows computers. However, if you prefer to use a Mac computer, you can install a virtualization software like Parallels on your Mac, and run CellSmart POS within the Windows environment on your Mac.

How reliable is CellSmart POS, given that it's an online platform?

CellSmart POS operates on the same server infrastructure as industry giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime. If these major services are experiencing downtime, then it's possible that CellSmart POS may also be affected; otherwise, everything should function normally.

Can your time clock module handle payroll for my location?

CellSmart POS is not a comprehensive payroll software, but it can efficiently track your employees' clock-in and clock-out times. It also provides suggestions based on your predetermined salary values regarding how much should be paid. However, please note that it cannot create a full payroll system or assist in setting up one.

Can you manage multiple tax rates?

Absolutely, CellSmart POS has the capability to handle multiple taxes within a single line-based transaction.

Is there an additional charge for sending messages to my customers? And if I'm already on a monthly subscription, will I need to pay extra for this feature?

The CellSmart POS promotional feature enables you to manage customer phone numbers based on their carriers. You can send text messages to your customers by specifying their carrier, and it's priced at only 3 cents per message.

What happens to my data if I decide to stop using CellSmart POS?

CellSmart POS is a subscription-based service. If you decide to discontinue using our services, we will retain your data for up to three months. After that period, we will erase it in order to free up storage space.

Am I able to use my current hardware with CellSmart POS?

CellSmart POS is designed to be compatible with a wide range of printers, scanners, and cash drawers. We make every effort to ensure compatibility with your existing hardware. In cases where compatibility is not possible, we offer competitive rates for high-quality hardware.

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