Intuitive Inventory Management

All the Electronics stores need the best inventory management as they have hundreds of big and small products like Smartphones, Gaming Consoles, Hair Dyers, Washing Machines, and much more. So, having smart and intuitive inventory management that keeps a record of each sold item, under stock item, and the most selling item is very important to keep the smooth management of store’s sales.


Ecommerce Integration

We are living in a digital era, and having a presence online is crucial for every electronic store’s growth. Now get the best E-commerce integration inside your POS to sell comfortably on your website by getting your inventory integrated and set up through our Point of sale software.

Best Tools in Town

Every technician needs the best tools to perform his job. Your Electronic store needs the best features in a POS that provide layaways to increase sales and a repair module that keeps track of repair tickets, the status of them and updates your customers regarding the completion of the repair for a pickup. Selling retail is important, but it doesn’t mean you miss out on repair sales.


Start Small, Achieve Big!

All the world’s biggest organizations today like Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, SpaceX, Amazon, and many more started from just a small room or a garage. But now they worth billions of dollars, do you know why? The reason for any business growth is the right tools.
Your Electronics store can achieve this goal by having the right point of sale software that helps you grow your sales by providing,
  • Marketing
  • Expense Module to keep your expenses in check
  • Sales reports to fix the problems
  • Targets management through the dashboard
  • Management of all locations of your business from one device
  • Employees management to keep the morale high
  • And much more

Never Decline a Sale

Every customer that walks into a store is a chance of growth for a lifetime. Because a satisfied customer is a goldmine. Now accept all time of payments like Debit/Credit Cards, Cashless payments like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo, Cash app and many more.

Keep Your Problems Far Away

With the trained and friendly support team of CellSmart POS, all of your store’s management problems will be handled in few seconds. So, that you can stay focused on keeping sales high.