Discount & Coupon Means Recurring Customer

Add a new discount

Our discount software allow you to create custom discounts based on products.

Auto apply

Our discount software allows you to set auto-apply. This feature will automatically add a discount at teh time of sale.

Group of Product

Apply a discount on every product in a category or on a special product.


This feature allows you to exclude discounts on selected products.


Upon date/time expiration, discount will become invalid on products with or without auto-apply discounts

Custom coupons with selected discount

Coupon Code

Our software allos you to create custom coupons, which your customers can provide upon the time of sale.

Discount Template

This feature allows you to attach one discount template to multiple coupons.

Used Time

You can also set limitations for coupons usage, for example, one time, multiple times, or unlimited.

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Create Discount

Create Coupon

Apply Discount