Working with more than 20 years with retail stores, we realized how much it’s difficult and time-consuming for the store owners to manage and account for daily tasks like employees clock in and clock out along with many other grinding tasks. For cellphone stores it’s even more cumbersome with commission reconciles, boost upgrade eligibility check and credit cards payment reconcile.


CellSmart POS came up with a creative solution a few years ago and had been delivering the best back-office management services to store owners, it had helped them focus more on sales and marketing to increase their revenue.

We Provide

  • Commission Reconcile
  • Boost Upgrade Eligibility Check
  • Bill Payments Reconcile
  • Inventory Reconcile
  • Check used phones from the state police website
  • Credit Card payments reconcile
  • Reconcile employees’ clock in/clock out and calculate their daily salary
  • Smile and Dial
  • Reconciling Repair parts that are used in the repair
  • And much more