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Always have your most popular products in stock with simple order management

These are some of the features that our software offers.

Customer integration
Customer Integration

If a customer has CellSmart POS, the wholesale vendor using this version can add the customer and digitally transfer over the inventory once the customer approves the purchase.

Inventory management
Invenory Management

Our inventory tools help you keep track of all the merchandise in the wholesale department. It is easy and efficient to use and doesn’t allow inventory to go missing.


Every piece of information you need is at the tip of your fingers. Whether it’s Profit and Loss, Inventory Adjustment, and Sales by Products, this version allows you to see everything that happens within the department.

Account balance
Account Balance

Keep track of your customer account balance why can you pickup inventory and pay later.

Inventory transfer
Inventory Transfer

Transfer inventory allows you to purchase all of your products to one location then transfer them to their locations.


CellSmart Wholesale software allows you to enter expenses. Which helps you create a true profit and loss report.