“Every POS lets you track inventory and calculate profit and loss.

So what can we do differently? How can we do it better?”


    who we are  

We believe that a point-of -sale software shouldn’t just help manage your business, but help you take it to the next level.


This has been our mentality all along. We assure our customers that their business will continue to grow simply because we use CellSmart POS at our own wireless stores. That means we understand the wireless business inside out. Which is what helps us deliver a point-of-sale solution unlike any other POS software in the market.

Don’t believe us? Join today and see for yourself.

“Don’t just sell, CellSmart!”

company history



The Journey Begins

“Four guys (us!) get into the wireless business and open up a bunch of cell phone stores in the New York City metro area.”



Necessity Leads To An Invention

Soon we realized, out of our own frustrating experience with paper & pen, generic POS, and clunky cell phone POS, a need for a solid and efficient point-of-sale software that is custom made for cell phone stores. With our broad range of background in business, retail, wireless and software programming, we took the first step towards creating a one-of-a-kind point-of-sale software for our industry,



Beta-Testing Our POS At Friends Stores

After developing and using the POS software in our own stores, we began to introduce CellSmart POS to our friends in the wireless business. They were amazed at how closely it matches day to day activities of cell phone stores while being simple and user-friendly. As you may already image the word began to spread! Once their friends found about CellSmart POS the demand for our software grew and our phones started ringing off the charts!



Customer Count Reaches 100

We did not realize we were in the POS business until our customer count reached 100. We had customers all over the New York City metro area and all were acquired through word of mouth.



All Across The US

At this time, we already had a team of CellSmart POS professional (all trained in our wireless stores so they have real cell phone store experience) to answer all those calls and get those customers up and running. In that year, CellSmart POS had well over 400 customers located all across the US.



CellSmart POS Goes International

CellSmart POS is a trusted partner of hundreds of happy wireless retailers located primarily in the United States,  but also in Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Africa and Australia. Every day we are happy to welcome many new customers who are tired of trying so hard to run their business with paper and pen or clunky old systems.

Our biggest achievement is that our dealers trust us with helping them manage and improve their business and refer us to their friends.