As a retailer that offers service and repair, you
want to ensure your customer care is frictionless
from intake to completion. CellSmart POS service
and repair software is designed to simplify the
process and streamline sale, so you can delight
your computers every time.
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Running a repair business?

Create repair ticket

Keep track of every repair with an IMEI number along with customer information.

Tasks on Repair

Create Custom Tasks list based on product and time of ticket creation.

Diagnostic Fee

Preset diagnosis fee keeps your tech cost minimum. CellSmart POS allows you to change it.

Attach Tasks

CellSmart POS allows you to select repair tasks based on products. Take prices can be preset with the cost.

Create Task

You can create any repair task at the creation of a repair ticket or during runtime.

Set Multiple Taxes

Preset Tax

CellSmart POS allows you to create multiple taxes and set them on each product.

Select Tax

You can also select or deselect taxes on any product.

Signature Capture

The Repair System allows you to capture a customer’s signature before and after the repair has been picked up or delivered.

Service Date & Due Date

With this feature, you can set the starting and due date on a repair ticket.

Bin Location

Our repair management software will keep track of your item by setting the bin number on such a repair ticket.

Complete repair software means no lost


Create your own individual repair policy that can be different from that of the sales or bill payments policy.


Not every customer can pay for a repair job all at once. Now you can collect the payments in installments


View multiple reports for every type of repair job


Give your customer a loaner phone without any issues. The system will remind you to take back the phone before closing the repair


Assign tickets to a specific repair technician


Print professional looking receipts designed specifically for wireless repair stores.


The pre-check feature allows you to the checklist of time to select from. .time of creating repair ticket


Post checklist allows you to create a checklist of them to select a time to repair delivery


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Create repair ticket

Create task

Change repair status

Edit repair ticket

Close repair ticket

Repair setting