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Here at CellSmart, we genuinely care about all our customers and understand that business owners have responsibilities to fulfill daily. On top of that, you have to deal with deadlines for bill payments and follow up with pending commissions, employee paychecks, and more. Being preoccupied with all of these, it is understandable that you would hesitate to sign up for a POS company such as ourselves and then get stuck with contracts or a non-refundable situation. That’s why we have created CellSmart Refund Assurance Policy. You can sign up for the year or the quarterly plan, and even if you decide to cancel a month before the term, we will still refund you the money for the remaining unused month(s). We hope you share your concerns before canceling so that we can resolve all your issues. But if you are determined to part ways, we understand. The least we can do is, make your departure as smooth as your arrival.

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