Smart Unlock

Well, no more. Because CellSmart POS has a built-in unlocking feature that helps you save time and make more unlocking sales!

Unlock Any Carrier
Our software unlocks almost all of the carriers. So, you can cater to any customer at any time.

View Your Unlocks Anytime, Anywhere!
CellSmart POS allows you to view all the unlocks done at your store at any time from anywhere.

Add Your Funds
CellSmart POS allows you to add funds to your software account. You may select this option and enter the amount of credit you want in your account and click save. This option will allow you to unlock phones even when there is no credit card set up in the software or if the card is not working.

Get charged for successful Unlocks only!
You are charged when you successfully unlock a phone. If, for some reason, an error occurred with the code/instructions or for some reason the unlock did not work. You will not be charged, even when your card is set up in the software until the unlock is successful.

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