Assign Tasks

CellSmart POS allows you to assign tasks to each employee separately to evaluate their hard work.

Add Due Dates
Assigning tasks without a due date is not fruitful. Now easily add due dates to each assigned task, and get notified on the due date. It helps your business to run smoothly, and keep your employees motivated to fulfill the tasks under the due date.

Add Notes
You can also write special notes or explanations of the assigned task in our tasks manager. It will help your employees better understand the task at hand and will save your time by not explaining the same tasks again and again to your employee.

Manage Tasks

After assigning all tasks, you can easily navigate in the admin panel, and see all of your employees’ tasks completed or under progress status.

It’s time to say goodbye to notes or messages for tasks, and get all your store’s tasks done in time with CellSmart POS. Because your time is more valuable than anything.

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How to Manage Tasks

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