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Benefits of Payout

The payout feature helps you track:

  • All expenses under one tab
  • Manage expense history
  • Cash payments
  • And also keep your cash safe

Add Unlimited Expense Lists

CellSmart POS expense management software allows you to add all of your expenses individually inside the software to have a better management.

Add Expense Payments

Whenever any expense is due, you can make the payment out of the cash drawer or otherwise, and add the expense to the POS. If the cash is taken out of the drawer, our software will update it for the cash drawer payments.

Cash Pickup

CellSmart POS offers a safety feature of cash pickup that allows you to set a cash limit for the drawer. So, when that limit is reached you can perform cash pickup from the drawer and deposit to a bank or any safe place. It helps you stay prevented in case of theft. You can perform cash pickups for any other reason too.

Add Cash

If you have to accept any cash payments except the sales, you can add them to the payout feature.


Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

How to Create an Expense

How to Perform a Cash Pickup

How to Edit/Delete a Cash Pickup

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