What is the Keytag feature?

The key tag feature helps you save each customer’s information including their name and phone numbers inside the software. So, whenever your customer walks inside the store, you don’t have to ask for their phone number and enter it again in the system. But you can simply scan their key tag, and make their bill payments.

Does keytag help other than bill payments?
Yes, with the keytag feature, you can easily check out your customers without asking for their information again. Simply just do the keytag scan, and create their invoice, or sales quote easily.

Benefits of Keytag

  • Saves time
  • Removes human error
  • Keep the customers’ queue short
  • Makes the customers happy
  • Keep the sales running fast

Want to know more? Watch our helpful videos.

How to add a keytag

How to edit/delete a keytag

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