Add Expense

You can add an infinite amount of expenses with their titles. It makes your job easier for searching for any later on.

Repeating Expenses
Every store has expenses like utility bills, rent, and other vendor payments that they have to pay every month. Managing these expenses with CellSmart POS is smooth and efficient. In our expense management feature, type the expense name and add a new payment in the same tab. Save time and make expense payments.

Expense History
CellSmart POS keeps the history of all your expenses. So, if you want to look from 2021, they will still be available for you.

Help in Taxes
Filing taxes is messy and time taking. That’s why most businesses hire tax lawyers to perform tax filings. But one problem is pertinent in all cases. That problem is a physical record of each expense. CellSmart POS has solved this issue by allowing stores to print receipts.

Print receipts
CellSmart POS expense management software also has an added benefit for you by printing receipts. You can print any latest or old expense at any time you want.

Benefits of Expense Management

  • Smooth management of cash flow
  • Saves time from manual accounting
  • Efficient tracking of small or big expense payments
  • Aids in the tax filing
  • Reduce losses
  • Helps in making informed decisions regarding the daily purchase
  • Gives accurate data regarding the business profit and loss
  • Helps in growing business

Make your repair business grow with fully equipped repair software.

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How to Create an Expense

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