Cut down your expense, stop paying merchant fees

Multiple ways to apply Cash Discount

Our cash discount management software let you send cash discount fee by percentage or fix cash amount



Have full visibility on checkout screen on your side and customer facing screen.

Clear display what your’re collecting

Let your customers decide if they’d like to pay, selecting cash or credit.



Your customer clearly

How should it be applied
Apply price adjustment to entire invoice. Discount applied at checkout when cash selected
Make no price adjustments and apply discount when cash is selected at checkout.
Adjust price for every item before it enters the cart.
Discount applied at checkout when cash selected.
Include Tax
Our cash discount management software lets you select adjustments and can be made before calculations tax or after.

Include Debit as Cash

You can select if debit card payments will be treated as cash for the cash discount software or not.

Grow your profit by cutting down your cost


You can control all the setting from your back office access


Why let credit card merchant take money from your customer. Instead you an let you cost only. Not extra profit

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